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After Booting Blancco Drive Eraser with either Management Console details pre-configured in the Drive Eraser ISO Image, or when adding the details in a booted Drive Eraser session the error message "Not enough licenses to start erasure" is displayed.

This error message can be seen despite having a successful connection to the MC.

Upon review of the Management Console, there are sufficient valid licenses of the correct type to perform an erasure.


Blancco Drive Eraser can use two different sources for license consumption to begin the erasure. These are a Blancco Management Console (on-premises or Blancco Cloud) or a physical HASP key.

If the booted Drive Eraser ISO image is set to use a HASP-key for licensing the "not enough licenses" error will be displayed despite having sufficient licenses in a Management Console.


  1. Load the desired Drive Eraser ISO image in the Drive Eraser Configuration Tool. See Drive Eraser Configuration Tool for more information.
  2. Select Security-tab and then "License Control" and set this value to "Blancco Management Console"
  3. Select "Save as", and save the configured ISO image.
  4. Recreate the bootable USB-stick or upload the properly configured ISO to your PXE booting server.