Network Device Eraser 2.4 - Release notes


  • Add support for Cisco Catalyst devices.
    • For password reset & Load OS.
  • Automatic Load OS after performing Purge & Purge FO.
    • Creates a global setting to enable or disable auto loading of the OS.
  • Password recovery for Aircap devices.
    • Cisco AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9 / ios 15.3 device has a different procedure for password recovery.
  • Global device profile.
    • To support additional devices.
  • Decouple NIST Clear flow from NIST Purge flow.
    • Improves efficiency.
  • NIST Clear should not be supported if system image is not found.
    • Avoid OS removal if OS path is missing.


  • BNDE-654, BNDE-648, BNDE-582 - Network Device eraser sign-in failed.
  • BNDE-646 - Erasure problems.
  • BNDE-645 - Cisco devices not able to recognize on BNDE.
  • BNDE-614, BNDE-615, BNDE-616, BNDE-617, BNDE-618, BNDE-619 - Device not supported.