Drive Eraser 7.2.0 and Configuration Tool 3.2.0 - Release notes


  • ALBUS-8161, ALBUS-8512, ALBUS-8513, ALBUS-8514, ALBUS-8515, ALBUST-884 - New Chromebook erasure
  • ALBUS-8505 - Ability to filter erased devices by status

Improvements and Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-8824, ALBUS-8813 - Fixing some software stability issues occurring during a Workflow execution.
  • ALBUS-8822 - Fixing a booting issue (loop) occurring on some machines.
  • ALBUS-8832 - Fixing issues with PXE booting: booting gets stuck, or once booted BDE is not able to connect to BMC.
  • ALBUS-8493 - Improving the freeze lock removal procedure.
  • ALBUS-8301 - The "combined" report (available in RPD mode) has been removed for now.
  • ALBUS-8803, ... - Dozens of different Chromebooks from the main vendors (Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, Samsung) have been tested successfully during the v7.2.0 development cycle.
  • ALBUS-8642 - Improving the logging in the Chromebook terminal.
  • ALBUS-8545 - New UI filter to filter drives only, Chromebooks only or any connected device.
  • ALBUS-8590 - Fix for a problem where the report was not sent to the BMC automatically in case of a remotely controlled erasure.
  • ALBUS-8883 - Fix for a bug where the first workflow created could not be remotely executed.