Network Device Eraser 2.6 - Release Notes


  • UI/UX enhancements.
    • Used BDE UI library.
    • Used BDE design elements – colors, buttons, background, alignment, tooltips, and popups.
  • Ping test functionality in settings.
    • Ping test to check cloud, FTP and TFTP connections.
  • Serial number missing warning.
    • Alerts user on home page that serial number is missing.
    • User can add serial number in custom fields.

Bug fixes:

  • Communication with the device failed.
    • Kickstart image was missing.
  • BNDE-734 - ASA5525 failed due to IP assignment with NIST Purge.

Known issues:

  • BNDE-700 - Sometimes after performing NIST Purge FO (with Auto Load) the overwritten files remain on the device.
    • Device: N3k4180YC (NX-OS)
  • BNDE-758 - Loading OS works but ping button displays as "IP is being used".
    • Ping test should show IP as already assigned.