Management Console 5.11.4 - Release notes


  • MC-6851 - Update log4j to 2.17.1.
    • Standalone MC would be prone to attack when connected to the Internet. Hence, MC versions < than 5.11.4 would all need an upgrade to MC 5.11.4 which has Apache Log4J2 libraries updated.
    • The latest version is 2.17.1 which fixes the vulnerability even better than 2.17.0 did. 

Known issues:

  • MC-6805 - Occasional "MC connection error: Internal Server Error" on DE side when starting remote workflow from MC.
    • The bug manifests when: 

      • Session reuse is in use.
      • Remote workflow is launched.
      • BDE session restarts before MC sends the workflow to BDE.
  • MC-6821"Test connection" for email configuration fails when using secondary admin.
  • MC-6816Workflow status column filter does not display any data.