Network Device Eraser 2.7 - Release notes


  • UI/UX Improvements.
    • Tray icons to indicate BMC connection and License availability.
    • BNDE window close warning dialogue.
    • Config settings terminology simplified.
    • View report functionality – formatted report/s can be viewed from BNDE.
  • Licensing Improvements.
    • Erase the same devices without consuming another license per device connection.
  • Load OS Improvements.
    • Load OS button functionality can now be used in “Normal Mode”.

Bug fixes:

  • Erasure failed / could not complete.
    • Cisco 4331 regex issue.
  • BNDE lists only 1 device when ACS Genie is run on a virtual machine on the same host.
  • Management Console setting not taking IP address (on premise BMC).
  • Device Not Supported | Cisco C2950-I6Q4L2-M V12.1(22)EA4
  • BNDE-824 - Device without OS not getting selected through port button after erasure.
  • BNDE-814 - Spacing issue in UI report.
  • BNDE-810 - Tooltip message gets displayed even after successful erasure upon multiple attempts.
  • BNDE-782 - Inaccurate message for management console address when port number is not input.