BMDE on Mac 4.10 - Release notes

Highlighted features:

  • Process ~15 devices concurrently.
  • Hardware must be able to run Mojave OS (or newer) and Mac Pro desktop towers are highly recommended.
    • The number of devices that can be processed concurrently are restricted when using a MacBook, iMac, and Mac mini hardware.
  • Erasure - iOS devices running 9.0 and above.
  • Diagnostics – iOS devices running 10.0 and above.
    • Choose from 60+ diagnostics tests for iOS.
  • Erasure Standard Supported.
    • Factory Reset, iOS Smart Erasure, Aperiodic Overwrite, NIST Clear, NIST Purge and Apple iOS Erasure.
    • M1/T2 erasure only works with Apple iOS Erasure.
  • Reports can be exported as PDF or XML.
    • CSV files are only possible from the Management Console.

Bug fixes:

  • PHEN-7814 - M1 Erasure v2.7 M1 Macs failing intermittently.
  • PHEN-4067 - FMiP (Hardware) cannot be detected correctly.
  • PHEN-6463 - Unable to process devices (No profiles are available, or No iOS set up).
  • PHEN-7919 - M1 erasure fails.

General fixes:

  • Device connectivity handling has been rewritten which resolves lot of issues (e.g. devices staying in Disconnected state).

  • Fixed lots of stability issues.
  • Fixed localization functionality. Now user specific language selections are set and restored correctly.

  • Fixed potentially higher than needed user privileges issue triggered by BMDE 3.10 installation.

    • All BMDE users should install the new version or run the uninstaller included in the 4.0 installation image if they have already removed BMDE application from their system manually.

Known issues:

  • When erasing M1/T2 MacBooks it should be noted that those have been charged up to min. ~30% prior erasure.

  • Apple iOS Erasure is the only standard supported with M1/T2 MacBooks.

  • Exiting BMDE while erasing and downloads are ongoing should be avoided as unexpected BMDE Mac crash can happen.

  • USB media is needed to import/export workflows/reports/labels. File management will be enhanced in future BMDE Mac releases.

  • When System settings are synced from Sync server reopen of System settings is needed after sync to apply Admin settings.

  • Currently there's no warning of low disk space shown in BMDE Mac - In case erasure fail without reason user should first confirm disk space is not running low in Mac e.g. via About this Mac → Storage.

  • Erasure in DFU mode is not working on iPhones/iPads.
  • 'Take picture' flow is verified to work with build-in web camera in Mac. Attached USB web cam could not be configured.

  • Power saver/sleep features should be disabled from the system if erasures are left running unattended. Otherwise unexpected disconnections and related erasure failures and long erasure times can occur.
  • Keyboard navigation in MacOS Keyboard settings should be enabled to use any keyboard control on BMDE on Mac 4.10.
  • Can process Apple iOS erasure/Overwrite/Purge simultaneously maximum 16 iOS devices.
    • If limit is exceeded erasures can fail with "Apple configuration error" or failing USB bus error.
    • Also M1 Mac mini can encounter kernel panic with device overload and restart the system.
  • Issues with the latest version of Apple Configurator and BMDE on Mac
    • The latest versions of Apple Configurator will cause issues starting the application.
    • This will be updated and fixed in the future, but for now please do not update Apple Configurator.