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Management Console - All versions
Blancco Cloud


All the reports that Blancco products generate include digital signatures.

The digital signatures are to be verified by Blancco Cloud or Blancco Management Console so that users can identify tampered reports.

Step by step instructions

  1. Login to Blancco Cloud or Blancco Management Console.
  2. Navigate to "Reporting".
  3. Select one of DEFAULT VIEWS in which you are interested. For example, "Computer reports" view.
  4. Find "report verification" field in the view where "false" and "true" mean "report is tampered" and "report is not tampered" respectively.

Not only in default views but also in your own view you can add "Report verification" field.

Find "Report verification" in "Available columns" then move it to "Selected columns" when creating or editing a view like this screenshot.