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When doing a new Management Console installation using an "external database" (SQL, PostgreSQL), it is important to remember that the software requires an empty database. The empty database needs to be created before the Management Console installation is started. If an existing old database is used, Management Console will not be able to update it properly or connect to it at all. This will result in a blank white browser page when trying to access the MC login page.

The following requirements must be met for the new database:

  • An empty database, with a user who has owner rights or similar (read-, write-, delete- and create rights) to the tables. Tables are automatically created by the Blancco Management Console. 
  • This requirement doesn’t concern the embedded database as it is created and used by the Blancco Management Console.
  • Supported databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (or newer)
    • PostgreSQL 9.4.x (or newer)
      • “pg_trgm” extension has to be enabled for the database schema, before the Management Console installation.
  • Make sure that the password does not expire for the database user or the owner. For example with MS SQL 2012: Make sure the Enforce Password Policy option is deselected so the passwords of the database user/owner will not expire.

This all also applies to Management Console re-installation (i.e. the old MC is uninstalled or deleted). A new database must be created! Updating the Blancco Management Console however does not require any kind of database changes, if it is done by using the update feature.

Read more details about the installation and database configuration from the Management Console admin manual.