Blancco Drive Eraser may face some issues when booting on machines that use EFI/UEFI. Blancco Drive Eraser UEFI support (available from 5.4.x versions) requires some mandatory conditions:

  • Booting from a CD does not work properly, prefer instead booting with a bootable USB stick previously formatted with Blancco USB Creator. The USB Creator version has to be at least the 2.2.2 (or newer). Download the software from this link.
  • The UEFI machine where Blancco Drive Eraser is booted has to be an x86 based system.

Disabling the Secure Boot (required on versions older than v6.3.0) *:

Any PC with a Windows 8 logo sticker has a "Secure boot" enabled by default. Secure boot is an UEFI feature that makes Windows 8 very resistant to low-level malware such as rootkits. 
Blancco Drive Eraser may not properly boot on a machine where the Secure Boot is enabled, in which case this feature has to be manually disabled. The following steps will demonstrate how to enable or disable the Secure Boot in the PC's UEFI settings:

  1. Boot to UEFI Firmware Settings.
  2. In the motherboard's UEFI firmware settings, go to the Security/Authentication (or similar) menu, select the Secure Boot option and disable it.
  3. Exit the menu and select Save Changes and Exit. This reboots the machine.
  4. Secure Boot can be enabled again, following the same logical steps.

It is possible to boot Blancco Drive Eraser on a machine that has UEFI with a bootable USB-stick. Nevertheless, changing the booting options may not work on these machines as only the default booting option's parameters are taken into account. Try the following to overcome this issue: 

  1. If the machine has UEFI and BIOS, the easiest solution is to use the BIOS-mode to boot the machine.
  2. If the machine has UEFI and no BIOS, you can create a bootable Blancco Drive Eraser USB-stick with the Blancco USB Creator (2.2.0 newer). This adds the Booting Options as a second menu right after the main boot menu.

* Starting with Blancco Drive Eraser v6.3.0, the UEFI Secure Boot is fully supported. BDE will be able to boot on the machine whether the Secure Boot feature is enabled or not. Supports CD, USB and Preinstall booting. Requires Blancco USB Creator v3.2.0 (or higher) or Blancco Preinstall v2.4.0 (or higher).