Sometimes Blancco Drive Eraser / Blancco 5 might "partially crash" due to computer's memory related issues, and this may cause a situation where the software loses its license consumption information. In practice this means that the software considers the erasure report to be an asset report (i.e. a Blancco report without the actual erasure information) and it starts requesting for an asset license.

"Not enough Asset licenses" is displayed when trying to save a successful erasure report. Without the asset licenses, it is not possible to save or send the report.

The problem is usually related to memory, and in most cases the "lack" of it.

From Blancco 5.9.0 onwards the erasure software can be configured to automatically send/save a erasure report after each completed erasure. As the report is saved right after the erasure, the erasure result is not lost if the software crashes. Note that automatic report saving/sending requires manual erasure process to be used.

Workaround solutions for the issues are to:

  • Add more memory on the machines (especially if the memory amount is 1 GB or less).
  • Erase less drives at a time (smaller batches) and save an erasure report between batches ("backup").

If the workarounds do not help, contact the Technical Support Team. Remember to add the following information:

  • An issue report.
  • What is the HASP ID key number you are using for the erasure?
  • What is the system's model and how much memory does it have?