Drive Eraser 7.3.1 and Configuration Tool 3.3.0 - Release notes


  • ALBUS-6114 - Persistent software detection
  • ALBUS-8966 - Chromebook support: hardware diagnostics
  • ALBUS-8712 - Improved BMC remote control
  • ALBUS-7755 - BIOS Logo test
  • ALBUS-7675 - Updating the "Blancco SSD Erasure" standard
  • ALBUS-9051 - TPM chip detection
  • ALBUS-7072, ALBUS-8827, ALBUS-8825, ALBUS-8826 - Improved UI process

Improvements and Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-8949, ALBUS-9040 - Fixing drive detection issues on HP CL5200 machines (LSI SAS9300-8e controller).
  • ALBUS-6962 - Fixing some jumps in the screensaver progress bar, where the progress would jump from 49% to 100%. Occurred with "NIST Clear/Purge", "Blancco SSD Erasure" and "BSI-GS/E".
  • ALBUS-8999 - Fixing a purge problem on Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q. "NIST Purge" work on these machines (BDE v6.17.0+), "Blancco SSD Erasure" has been fixed (BDE v7.3.0+).
  • ALBUS-8840, ALBUS-9016, ALBUS-8705, ALBUS-8857 - Fixing several problems reported in BDE 7.1.0 and 7.2.0, where the Battery Capacity test reported an overcharge or no voltage, or the Battery Discharge test failed often (especially on Dell Precision models).
  • ALBUS-8972 - Fix for a problem where the report was automatically sent before the custom fields were filled in (Semi-automatic process).
  • ALBUS-8823 - Fix for a problem where the UI process did not move from step to step automatically.
  • ALBUS-8885 - Fix for an issue where a "Cannot start erasure" popup was shown and the erasure process stopped.
  • ALBUS-8922 - Fixing a problem in the "Custom fields"-step: after inputting characters or scanning a barcode, the first 1-2 characters were missing.
  • ALBUS-9027 - Fixing a bug in the "Custom fields"-step: the focus was not in the first custom field.
  • ALBUS-8965 - Fixing a fatal error in DELL Latitude 5400 Chromebook Enterprise devices.
  • ALBUS-8835 - Fix for an issue where MegaRAID controllers (SAS PERC H710 Mini & SAS PERC H700 Integrated) hanged during the drive detection phase.
  • ALBUS-8887 - Fix for two problems occurring when drive-level workflows contain per-drive custom fields: if the drive is off-screen or if the drive is not visible due to a filter, the drive is still highlighted and its custom field can still be filled in unequivocally.
  • ALBUS-8717 - Fix for a bug where SanDisk SDSSDA240G 240GB SATA/SSD was reported as having a 1504GB capacity.
  • ALBUS-8979 - Fix for an NVMe detection issue on Asus Laptop A416M and Asus X415 machines.
  • ALBUS-8174 - Updating the SSHD list to include Seagate ST2000LX001 and ST1000LX015 drives.

More information available in the Detailed Release Notes, please request it from your Sales or Support Representative.