LUN Eraser for UNIX and Drive Eraser for Mac version 2.8 - Release notes


  • LEE-3876 - Added extra macOS Crypto Erase Verification.
    • This adds an extra verification for the macOS Crypto Erase standard.
  • LEE- 3870 - Switched to BDE License consumption on macOS.
    • Blancco Drive Eraser Enterprise Volume Edition licenses are now required for Mac erasure, please contact your account manager for license conversion.
  • LEE-3828 - Apple signed mac binary.
    • BDE on Mac is now Apple signed.
  • LEE- 3810 - Added custom field passing through command line.
    • Custom fields can now be set from the command line.
  • LEE-3782 - Support for macOS Monterey.
  • LEE-3386 - BMC credentials encryption in config file.
  • LEE-3780 - Added time sync command to erase.mac.
    • This guarantees that the erasure report time will be correct.


  • LEE-3848 - Fix to Crypto erase not working in Mac environment.
  • LEE-3867 - Fix to Bootable USB Stick with Blancco LUN Eraser.
  • LEE-3478 - Fix to Unix AIX package.
  • LEE-3652 - Fix to connection with server failed with error 403.
  • LEE-3782 - Fix to Virtual license file reading.
  • LEE-3210 - Fix to LUN Eraser 2.6 Alpha Testing with M1 Macs
  • LEE-3368 - Fix to ID_SERIAL missing in LUN Eraser report.