Management Console 5.12.0 - Release notes


  • MC-6839 - Enhancement for Remote Erasure Status.
  • MC-6863 - Invite User API. User can be invited to MC via API.
  • MC-6861 - Remote Erasure: End session on demand. When user clears in the UI remote session can be ended.
  • MC-6907 - Support for Mobile Diagnostics Workflows.

Bug fixes:

  • MC-6788 - BMC service startup fails with JDK17.
  • MC-6803 - Sentinel driver not compatible with Windows Server 2022.
  • MC-6873 - Stored XSS in the name parameter.
  • MC-6876 - IDOR allowing user from one group to share a driver eraser workflow to any other group by tampering the `groupIds` parameter.
  • MC-6877 - IDOR allowing user from different group to create a license alert for any other group by tampering the `groupId` parameter.
  • MC-6878 - IDOR Leads to Takeover Anyone's Widgets.
  • MC-6920 - Unnecessary request for report during workflow remote session.
  • MC-6858 - Improper Restriction of XXE Ref.

Known issues:

  • MC-6751 - Custom fields not visible when filtered.