Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices 4.12 Release Notes

Highlighted features:

  • Process ~15 devices concurrently.
  • Hardware must be able to run Mojave OS (or newer) and Mac Pro desktop towers are highly recommended.
    • The number of devices that can be processed concurrently are restricted when using a MacBook, iMac, and Mac mini hardware.
  • Erasure - iOS devices running 9.0 and above.
  • Diagnostics – iOS devices running 10.0 and above.
    • Choose from 60+ diagnostics tests for iOS.
  • Erasure Standard Supported.
    • Factory Reset, iOS Smart Erasure, Aperiodic Overwrite, NIST Clear, NIST Purge and Apple iOS Erasure.
    • M1/T2 erasure only works with Apple iOS Erasure.
  • Reports can be exported as PDF or XML.
    • CSV files are only possible from the Management Console.

Branding Change:

  • PHEN-8446 - Changed product name from BMDE on Mac to BEAD (Blancco Erasure for Apple Devices).

Diagnostics Update:

  • PHEN-8891 - Latest Diagnostics application updated to version 4.6.

Bug fixes:

  • PHEN-8681 - BMDE for Mac failing to erase MacBook Pro M1 2020.
  • PHEN-8888 - Mac Studio M1 Max not shown in BEAD 4.10.2

Known issues:

  • When erasing M1/T2 MacBooks it should be noted that those have been charged up to min. ~30% prior erasure.
  • Apple iOS Erasure is the only standard supported with M1/T2 MacBooks
  • Exiting BMDE while erasing and downloads are ongoing should be avoided as unexpected BMDE Mac crash can happen
  • USB media is needed to import/export workflows/reports/labels. File management will be enhanced in future BMDE Mac releases
  • Currently there's no warning of low disk space shown in BMDE Mac - In case erasure fail without reason user should first confirm disk space is not running low in Mac e.g. via About this Mac -> Storage
  • Erasure in DFU mode is not working
  • Legacy Diagnostics version gets reported for Latest app. To avoid this, restart BEAD application after Diagnostics version is changed in Admin settings.
  • Native Camera tests aren't localized
  • Workflow including a 'Take picture' can cause a crash.
  • In case BEAD application fails to start, Mac station restart is needed.