Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices 4.12.1 - Release notes


  • PHEN-8845 - Support Added for M2 Processors.

Bug fixes:

  • PHEN-8981 - Mac Studio M1 Max fails erasure with Could not parse firmware filename.
    • Attempt to reattach device.
  • PHEN-9301 - Apple MacBook Model A2251 will not show in BEAD.
  • PHEN-9002 - BEAD with BDE licenses only says No Licenses Available.
  • PHEN-9058 - MacBook Pro M1 MNEP3B/A_A2338 and MacBook Air M2 MLXY3B/A_A2681 not shown in BEAD 4.12 UI.
  • PHEN-9213 - Failing USB bus.
  • PHEN-8700 - "Finalize" item status not showing correctly.

Known issues:

  • This release contains support for new Apple M2 processors.
  • Diagnostics no longer supported for 32bit iOS devices (i.e. iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C).
  • Auto launch not fully supported in this release, instead basic setup method is used.
  • When erasing MacBooks it should be taken care that charge level is min. ~30% prior erasure.
  • Apple iOS Erasure is the only standard supported with MacBooks.
  • Exiting BEAD while erasing and downloads are ongoing should be avoided as unexpected BEAD crash can happen.
  • USB media is needed to import/export workflows/reports/labels. File management will be enhanced in future BEAD releases.
  • Currently there's no warning of low disk space shown in BEAD - In case erasure fail without reason user should first confirm disk space is not running low in Mac e.g. via About this Mac -> Storage.
  • Erasure in DFU mode is not working.
  • Workflow including a 'Take picture' can cause a crash.
  • In case BEAD application fails to start, Mac station restart is needed.
  • Power saver/sleep features should be disabled from the system if erasures are left running unattended.
    • Otherwise unexpected disconnections and related erasure failures and long erasure times can occur.
  • Keyboard navigation in MacOS Keyboard settings should be enabled to use any keyboard control on BEAD.
  • SIP (System Integrity Protection) disabled (See Manual for more info regarding SIP).
  • BEAD erasure capability: iMac station (Intel) & Mac Mini (M1):
    • Can process Apple iOS erasure/Overwrite/ Purge simultaneously maximum 16 iOS devices.
    • If limit is exceeded erasures can fail with "Apple configuration error" or failing USB bus error.
    • Also M1 Mac mini can encounter kernel panic with device overload and restart the system.
    • Can run diagnostics and custom processes without refurbish simultaneously for 20+ devices.