Management Console 4.3 - Release notes

Highlighted features:

  • Two-way communication with Mobile Device Eraser.
    • As part of Blancco Mobile Device Eraser remote workflow, an asset management system can be integrated to the workflow.
    • Giving unprecedented dynamic flexibility for process control and optimization.
    • The same functionality already exists for Blancco Drive Eraser.
  • Entitlements Creation as Normal User A new authority is available in Blancco Cloud: AUTH_LICENSE_EMS.
    • The new authority is for our new EMS license system.
  • Embedded barcodes in report PDFs.
    • Possible to export report PDFs with embedded barcodes which contain serial number information.
  • Import Reports API.
    • Public API endpoint to import reports.
  • Fast login.
    • The user authentication is now much faster. This mostly noticed when using our APIs where the response time will be much improved.
  • Root admin is never disabled.
    • Root admin is never disabled due to failed logins.