Blancco has released Blancco Mobile Device Eraser (BMDE) version 3.3. The update is available via Blancco's OTA (Over-The-Air) download server, by downloading and updating the version straight from the Blancco Mobile Device Eraser software over internet connection. The release notes can be found below.

To update the BMDE software from a previous version, log out and log in to BMDE to trigger the OTA check/download, then click the status bar download icon to install the update once it has finished downloading. After installing, restart the BMDE software to reboot to the updated version.


Mobile Device Eraser 3.3 - Release notes

  • Dynamic workflows.
    • The operation processes can now be setup totally dynamic used the built-in workflow editor. The workflows can contain different orders of action but also make decision based on previous actions or phone information.
    • There are support for both local workflows as well as remote workflows, also known as 2-way communication.
  • Auto profiling.
    • Software will automatically detect what kind of features the phone has and automatically test all those.
  • Application installation.
    • Automatic installation of selected application can be performed as part of a dynamic workflow.
  • Label printing: Lost/Stolen/Blocked.
    • LSB status can now be printed on labels.
  • iOS 11 support.
    • The new operating system is now supported fully.
  • Battery information in device info popup is now available for iOS devices.
  • Device color in report for iOS devices.
    • The device color is now reported as its own field in the report.
  • Custom mobile configuration for iOS.
    • A custom mobile configuration file can be uploaded and pushed to all phones automatically.
    • Usually generated by Apple configurator.
  • Recipero
    • Lost/Stolen/Blocked check from Recipero is now also available for Androids.
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