PreInstall 2.11.0 - Release notes


  • LEE-3071 - Added ability to detect and notify user if encryption exists
  • LEE-3112 - Added irreversible mode
    • No need to preserve Windows OS after executing PreInstall
  • LEE-4025 - Added Configuration option to choose partition letter
  • LEE-4122 - Added Input stream/named pipe support
  • LEE-4123 - Added command line parameters for Proxy settings


  • LEE-3206 - Fixed booting issues on Dell Latitude 3400 and Dell Latitude 3410
  • LEE-3390 - Fixed enablement tool not applying licenses to USB
  • LEE-3483 - Fixed PreInstall Blancco Wipe Command Error in Task Sequence
  • LEE-3676 - Fix to MSI: User unable to automatically boot into blancco on Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable
  • LEE-3777 - Fixed MSI errors (with a pop saying - "There is a problem with the Windows Installer Package...")
  • LEE-3877 - Fixed Automatic reboot (Not working with MSI package and not executed from elevated command prompt)
  • LEE-4390 - Fixed Blancco Pre-Installer Queries
  • LEE-4421 - Fixed Pre-Installer Error codes
  • LEE-4442 - Fixed Dell OS Recovery & Blancco Sanitization OS Conflict