Management Console 5.14.0 - Release notes


  • MC-7056 - Mapping license history with drive serial number(or device unique identifier)
  • MC-7087 - Add workflow status column to detailed view for remote erasure
  • MC-7097 - Match BDE status in remote erasure (Running Vs Erasing)
  • MC-7122 - Rename TARGET_NOT_FOUND BDE state to "Drive connection lost"

Bug fixes:

  • MC-6950 - Start workflow via control client issue
  • MC-7098 - BMC not showing the proper overall status of the processed drives
  • MC-6982 - Blancco cloud unresponsive issue
  • MC-7061 - Can’t delete user
  • MC-7088 - Blancco's Self-Signed Certificate expired
  • MC-7096, MC-7103 - Drive verifier product not supported
  • MC-7126 - Diagnostic workflow can be imported to Mobile workflow section in MC