Drive Eraser 7.7.0, Drive Verifier 7.7.0 and Configuration Tool 3.7.0 - Release notes


  • ALBUS-10225, ALBUS-10226, ALBUS-9952, WFE-247, ALBUST-1196 - IEEE erasure standard for clear and purge.
  • ALBUS-6389, ALBUS-6067, ALBUS-8664, ALBUS-8665, ALBUS-8753, WFE-239 - Improved drive self-tests.
  • ALBUS-6358, WFE-237 - PSID Revert.
  • ALBUS-7469, ALBUST-672 - VNC remote control.
  • ALBUS-9837, ALBUS-6566, ALBUS-9455, WFE-235, ALBUST-1153, WFE-236, ALBUST-1154, WFE-234, ALBUST-1152 - New hardware diagnostics (Speaker, Microphone, Network).
  • ALBUS-2505, ALBUS-10311 - Default license container changes.
  • ALBUS-9728 - Report the BIOS mode and Secure Boot state.
  • ALBUS-10087, ALBUS-10171 - Secure Boot support ("SB" images).

Improvements and Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-9958 - BMC remote control improvements.
  • ALBUS-10032 - Drive life estimate on NVMes.
  • ALBUS-9964, ALBUST-1148 - "HTTPS port" for Chromebook support.
  • ALBUS-9784 - Additional hardware information for Adaptec controllers.
  • ALBUS-5626 - Drive WWNID is reported.
  • ALBUS-10221, ALBUS-10028 - Updated database for Chromebook support.
  • ALBUS-8866 - Fixing an issue with the usage of asset licenses.
  • ALBUS-10115, WFE-248, WFE-249 - IBR Workflows: improving the Erase-action to prevent workflow interruptions.
  • ALBUS-9717 - Improved erasure on HPE CL5800 servers (Adaptec HBA 1000-16i Aacraid).
  • ALBUS-10260 - Fix for a bug with the Conveyance self-test.
  • ALBUS-9816 - Fixing some instabilities occurring when fetching log data from drives.
  • ALBUS-9937 - Fixing issues where drive erasure could fail during the generation of issue reports.
  • ALBUS-8425 - Better messages in the UI in case the report sending to BMC fails due to the report size.
  • ALBUS-9959 - Fixing a bug with the disk numbering (target_id & id XML fields).
  • ALBUS-9796, ALBUS-9680 - Fixing HPA detection issues on Dell PERC H730P & H740P machines.
  • ALBUS-10269 - Fixing erasure issues with PERC H730 Mini MegaRAID SAS Controller.
  • ALBUS-9930 - IBR Workflows: fixing a problem with the XML field document_id when processing loose drives.
  • ALBUS-10035 - Fixing a bug on installed BDE where the automatic report backup only contained asset information.
  • ALBUS-9908 - Fixing an issue where the "Reconfigure controller mode" settings were not used in BDE.
  • ALBUS-9772, ALBUST-1135 - Fixing a bug on installed BDE where customized booting parameters where not passed to BDE.
  • ALBUS-9913, ALBUS-9914 - Fixing an issue where disabling the Block SID Authentication could reboot the machine in a loop.
  • ALBUS-9857 - Fixing a problem where the SanDisk SD6SB1M256G1022I SSD capacity was wrongly detected.
  • ALBUS-10157 - Fixing a problem where the LITEON IT LST-16S9G SSD capacity was wrongly detected.
  • ALBUS-9906 - Fixing a bug where the screensaver would not be shown in Semi-automatic or Automatic processes.
  • ALBUS-10091 - Fixing an issue with the DNS name resolution in restricted environments.
  • ALBUS-9867 - Fixing a bug with the order of selected values in multidropdown lists in the PDF/XML report.
  • ALBUS-9933 - Fixing a problem where the IP address was lost after modifying any parameter in the Settings window.
  • ALBUS-9875 - Fixing an issue where only one network interface was up (others disabled).
  • ALBUS-10003 - Fixing a problem when tabbing between custom fields.
  • ALBUS-10083 - IBR Workflows: the "Custom Field Editor" action can be used to fill in global custom fields.
  • ALBUS-10228 - Fixing a problem where the Memory test did not fail with some defective memories (and should have).
  • ALBUS-10082, WFE-227, WFE-228, WFE-243, WFE-244 - IBR Workflows: some changes in the "Create Custom Field" action (compatibility with "Custom Field Editor").

Known issues:

  • Certain NVMe drives may not be detected when using Drive Eraser 7.7.0. The problem is visible on certain Apple machines (e.g., T2 devices) but other (older) NVMes are being affected by this issue as well.
    • The workaround is to use Drive Eraser 7.6.0 or in case of Apple devices erase them using the alternative solutions such as Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices or Drive Eraser for Mac.

More information available in the Detailed Release Notes, please request it from your Sales or Support Representative.