Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure 4.15.1 - Release notes

Diagnostics application for Apple mobile devices needed certificate renewal in accordance with Apple’s regulations. The changes made in this release diagnostic versions 4.9.1 / have validity until 19 -Mar-2024.
BMDE 4.15 would only be valid for Apple mobile device diagnostics usage until 14 -June-2023, hence its strongly recommended to upgrade to BMDE 4.15.1 to avoid any business inconvenience.

In June 2023 release, the legacy diagnostics app will be removed from BMDE.

Bug fixes:

  • PHEN-10323 - Factory Reset without ADB on Samsung Devices Running AOS13
  • PHEN-10215 - Samsung devices are not doing ADB Erasure consistently in 4.14 onwards
  • PHEN-10369 - BMDE 4.15 cannot sync workflows with BMP
  • PHEN-10376 - A-Model number not pulling on any reports
  • PHEN-10143 - Samsung S23 - Charge Level not correctly identified
  • PHEN-10486 - iPod 6 list Camera and Video as Not Available
  • SD-5536 - Speaker Microphone Front and Rear getting Not Performed on iPod Touch
  • SD-5534 - Need to allow Bluetooth multiple times when setting is Optimise for speed ON
  • SD-5547 - Bluetooth test skipped and marked as "Not available" in setting Optimise for speed ON

Known issues:

  • Factory Reset without ADB for AOS13 devices is enabled.
  • Stability fixes are added. 
  • A-model number and Workflow sync are fixed.
  • Android Marketing name detection and initialization are enhanced.
  • Using WPA3 Wi-Fi configuration in iOS setting, older phones like iPhone7 when running Diagnostics, stays in installing, trying to connect to Wi-Fi. Manually connecting device to Wi-Fi helps to recover.
  • Diagnostic full auto-launch: If selected WPA3 Wi-Fi security policy option then also used Wi-Fi should be set with that same policy.
  • Two kinds of problems detected during testing: UI Freeze when devices are jammed into initialization and system crash when device or hub is removed during a process.
  • With Samsung S23 FR erasure without ADB is working randomly. Sometimes device fallback to asking to enable ADB.