Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices 4.15.1 Release Notes


  • PHEN-8591 - Detailed Hardware Check
    • Hardware information for Apple computing devices is limited with BEAD. It is now possible to obtain more detailed asset information including processor hard drive details, and memory. Please note that this functionality requires the use of an additional license called “BEAD Detailed Hardware Check.” Please contact Sales for more information.

  • PHEN-10030 - BEAD – Enterprise Licensing
    • BEAD will now accept Blancco Enterprise Licensing to process Apple computing devices.

Bug Fixes:

This release contains many bug fixes improving overall stability

General Notes and Known Issues:

  • BEAD first launch after installation can take around 40s. In case BEAD application fails to start erasure station restart is needed.
  • Random erasure failures can happen with 'Apple configuration error' reason. BEAD/Erasure station restart can help here.
  • When erasing MacBooks it should be taken care that charge level is min. ~30% prior erasure.
  • Apple iOS Erasure is the only standard supported with MacBooks.
  • Device card in UI for MacBook shows the erasure process in a way that progress gets to 23% after which when the erasure is done the status jumps directly to 'Erased' state. There's no fix found for the UI card so it'll be enhanced in future BEAD release.
  • Diagnostics no longer supported for 32bit iOS devices (i.e. iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C.)
  • Exiting BMDE while erasing and downloads are ongoing should be avoided as unexpected BMDE Mac crash can happen.
  • Currently there's no warning of low disk space shown in BMDE Mac - In case erasure fail without reason user should first confirm disk space is not running low in Mac e.g. via About this Mac -> Storage.
  • Erasure in DFU mode is not working for iPhone 14 devices.
  • Workflow including a 'Take picture' can cause a crash.
  • System stability problem detected when removing powering off USB hub/media
  • System information:
    • iMac (Intel) & Mac Mini (M1)
    • MacOS: Ventura 13.3.1 (a)
      • Latest updates to MacOS and Apple Configurator are applied
  • Power saver/sleep features should be disabled from the system if erasures are left running unattended. Otherwise unexpected disconnections and related erasure failures and long erasure times can occur.
  • Keyboard navigation in MacOS Keyboard settings should be enabled to use any keyboard control.
  • SIP (System Integrity Protection) disabled (See Manual for more info regarding SIP.)
  • USB media is needed to import/export workflows/reports/labels.
  • BEAD Erasure Capability:
    • iMac station (Intel) & Mac Mini (M1):
    • Can process Apple iOS erasure/Overwrite/ Purge simultaneously maximum 10 device. If limit is exceeded erasures can fail with "Apple configuration error" or failing USB bus error. Also M1 Mac mini can encounter kernel panic with device overload and restart the


    • Can run diagnostics and custom processes without refurbish simultaneously for 20+ devices