Drive Eraser 7.8.0, Drive Verifier 7.8.0 and Configuration Tool 3.8.0 - Release notes


  • ALBUS-10172, MC-7056 - Improved License History transparency.
  • ALBUS-10330, WFE-269, ALBUST-1205 - Improved Keyboard test (layout and form factor).
  • ALBUS-7632 - Improved Battery Capacity test.
  • ALBUS-9463 - Support for x-www-form-urlencoded (Server Message action).
  • ALBUS-10234 - Better parsing of JSON Arrays (Server Message action).
  • ALBUS-7940, WFE-255, ALBUST-1195 - "NIST 800-88 Clear": configurable overwriting.
  • ALBUS-9700 - Detection of the drive form factor.
  • ALBUS-6633, ALBUST-602 - Show username and password.

Improvements and Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-10174 - Investigating an issue with the Apple Fusion Drive detection.
  • ALBUS-9975 - Fixing a bug on Chromebook diagnostics and reporting.
  • ALBUS-10373 - Fixing a bug on self-test on Netapp drives.
  • ALBUS-10383 - Fixing a problem where the erasure was stuck in an infinite loop.
  • ALBUS-10389 - Investigating the ability to PXE boot BDE "SB" images.
  • ALBUS-10397, ALBUS-10049 - Improvements around software stability and memory management.
  • ALBUS-10421 - Fixing a bug around updating per-drive custom fields.
  • ALBUS-9058, ALBUS-10261 - Improvements/fixes around TCG support.
  • ALBUS-10274 - Improving the detection of the serial number for ATA drives.
  • ALBUS-10305, ALBUS-10327, ALBUS-10372 - Improvements/fixes around IEEE support.
  • ALBUS-10332, ALBUS-10168, ALBUS-10249, ALBUS-10401 - Improvements/fixes around reporting.
  • ALBUS-10422 - Fixing an issue with slow SSD erasure speed on some servers.
  • ALBUS-10424 - Fixing a problem where the workflow was interrupted in case a custom field was required.
  • ALBUS-10439 - The shorcut to minimize/maximize the "Custom Field Editor" action is now Alt+M.
  • ALBUS-10224 - Improving the messages shown in the UI in case a workflow cannot be loaded.
  • ALBUS-10433, ALBUS-10393, ALBUS-10392 - Improvements/fixes around VNC support.
  • ALBUS-10474 - Fixing an issue with the Belgian keyboard (Keyboard test).
  • ALBUS-6221, ALBUS-10391, ALBUS-10418, ALBUS-10416 - Improvements/fixes on the user interface.
  • ALBUS-10382 - Better report message in case an ATA Secure Erase command fails.
  • ALBUS-10387 - Fixing a bug with the "Custom Field Editor" workflow action.
  • ALBUS-10497 - Improvements/fixes around loose drive processing.
  • ALBUST-1214, ALBUST-1213 - Improvements/fixes around the image configuration.

Known issues:

  • ALBUS-10601 - Configuring BDE v7.8.0 with the CT and defining a required Textfield custom field without any default value (empty) will cause BDE to fail to load the UI.

    • We are working on a fix that will be released in the soon coming BDE v7.8.1.

More information available in the Detailed Release Notes, please request it from your Sales or Support Representative.