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Eraser for Apple Devices 5.2 or newerN/A


The below steps describe the process for configuring a workflow within the Blancco Eraser for Apple devices software to run diagnostic tests on a Mac computer.

Step by step instructions

Within the Blancco Eraser for Apple devices application access the Settings > Device menu and click Create custom as highlighted in the below example.

The workflow editor window will be displayed with the default Connected and Finalize actions included, the only action that needs to be added to the workflow to perform the diagnostics is the "Run Diagnose" one as shown in the below example, when this is added you need to select it and change the execution target to Mac Computer (as shown below) for the process to be run as required for the diagnostic testing of a Mac Computer.

Once the execution target has been changed you next need to select the diagnostic flow that will be used, in this example I will be selecting the "Mac Diagnostics" flow.

For this example, I will only be creating a basic workflow to perform the diagnostics of the Mac computer therefore the next step is to add a second finalize action and link the Run Diagnose to the two finalize actions to complete the flow so that a different status is shown depending on the result of the diagnostics.

Lastly, if you wish to change the name of the workflow this can be edited by clicking the edit button highlighted in the image below, in this case, it has already been changed to "Mac Diagnostics only" next click Save & Exit.

Once the workflow editor has closed you will see the newly created workflow is now selected as the default process, click OK to return to the main application window.

For instructions on how-to create a diagnostic workflow please see the How to create a Diagnostic workflow for use with a Mac computer article.