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Eraser for Apple Devices 5.2 and newerN/A


The steps below will describe the process for creating a diagnostic workflow within the Blancco Eraser for Apple devices software to define the diagnostic tests to be performed on a Mac computer.

Step by step instructions

The first step in the process is to access Settings > Diagnostics after opening the BEAD application

Once on the Diagnostics menu click Create custom as highlighted in the below image

This will result in the workflow editor being displayed as shown below, the first change that needs to be made is the Execution target, as the diagnostics will be performed on an Apple Mac system please change the setting to Mac computer as shown below

Next, click and drag the run tests workflow action from the left, click the plus symbol to the right of the Started action drag the line to the run tests to link the two, next select the run tests action and click Edit test set as shown in the image below.

Clicking Edit test set will display the below window where you can select the tests you want to be performed, the tests can either be moved one at a time by selecting the individual test and clicking Add selected test or in bulk by clicking Add all automatic for example.

Once the tests you want to perform have been added the settings for the following tests need to be configured: Wi-Fi (add WiFi connection details) and Battery Health Check (set battery capacity pass threshold).

The following tests can have the settings adjusted, however, it isn't required for them to be successful: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Passive Scan, Processor Test and Memory Test. Please note that the Processor and Memory test run for a set duration by default this is set to 20 minutes each please adjust this duration as required using the field shown in the example below.

Once all the test settings have been adjusted as required click Close and edit the name of the diagnostic workflow if desired using the edit button highlighted below in this example it has been changed to Mac Diagnostics, next drag the green line from run tests to success and the red line to failure to complete the workflow and click Save & Exit.

To create a USB containing the BEAD agent that is needed to run the diagnostic tests on a Mac computer select Diagnostics while still in the settings menu scroll to the bottom of the menu to the "Mac Computer provisioning" section, connect a formatted USB, if you want the Wi-Fi connection to be automatically configured select the "Write Wi-Fi network configuration to USB stick" setting and then click Create.

If the "Write Wi-Fi network configuration to USB stick" setting is being used please ensure you first go to Settings > Apple and scroll down till you see the "Automatic Wifi configuration" section and fill in the details for your Wi-Fi network before creating the USB.

For a how-to guide on configuring a workflow to run the diagnostics on a Mac computer please see the How to configure a workflow to run diagnostic tests on a Mac computer article.