We have received a handful of customer reports having difficulties getting signed in to our Support Portal.  Below are some common problems and resolutions.


Problem – I don’t receive a password when requesting a password reset.

Answer – Please make sure that emails from support@blancco.com are not getting caught in your email spam filter or blocked by filtering software.


Problem – I cannot access the portal when inputting my credentials.

Answer – It is important to note that your Cloud/MC credentials may be different than the Support Portal credentials.  User name should be your corporate email address and a unique password which is set up when your account was created.


Problem – I have entered the correct user name and password, but the icon to log in continues to spin. 

Answer – Please try to remove the browser cache/cookies and try logging in on multiple browsers to ensure it is not browser related.  We plan to upgrade our JIRA instance and plug-in on April 13th, which should fix this issue, as well as increase overall performance of the tool.


If you still have issues logging in, or do not see your issue represented above, please submit a case to support via email at support@blancco.com and describe the issue are seeing.

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