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Drive Eraser 6.12.0

Drive Eraser 6.13.0
USB Creator 3.4.0

Starting from Drive Eraser 6.1213.0 support has been added to allow the boot and erasure of Apple T2 devices. For Drive Eraser 6.12.0 it is required to create bootable USB stick with USB Creator 3.4.0, which contains updated Grub files, in order to support booting these devices.


or newer is capable of booting and running erasure on Apple T2 devices. Booting these devices may require additional steps such as allowing the device to boot from external medias.

Follow below steps in order to create bootable USB stick with updated grub files on Drive Eraser 6.12.0 and boot Apple Device device with T2 chip:

  1. Prepare a USB stick with the latest Blancco USB Creator tool, use exclusively a Blancco Drive Eraser 6.12.0 ISO image.
  2. Make sure that "Use Bootfiles from ISO" option is not selected.
  3. Press Create USB button in order to create Bootable USB stick.. More detailed steps available here: Download: Blancco USB Creator
  4. You might have to prepare your Apple machine to boot from an external device. This is doable via the macOS Startup Security Utilities (a macOS administrator password might be needed to proceed), where you need to:
    1. Change Secure Boot to “No Security”.
    2. Change External Boot to “Allow booting from external media”.


      Note! If the device was reset to factory settings, device activation needs to be completed in order to have administrator access to the device.

  5. Connect the USB stick to the machine as well as an external keyboard (needed to control BDE).
  6. Boot the machine, select the Drive Eraser 6.12.0 image, then select the "Customized startup" booting option (do not add any additional booting parameter)depending on software version/target machine you may need to edit the booting parameters, refer to Erasing Apple computers with Blancco Drive Eraser for more details.
  7. The BDE UI should show up and the internal drive should be ready for erasure.