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  1. If not already installed on your Windows machine - Download & Install Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) and WinPE add-on based on your Windows OS version.

    1. For Windows 11 host machine:
      1. ADK for Windows 11, version 22H2
      2. Windows PE add-on for the ADK for Windows 11, version 22H2
    2. For Windows 10 host machine:
      1. Download the Windows ADK 10.1.26100.1 (May 2024)
      2. Download the Windows PE add-on for the Windows ADK 10.1.26100.1 (May 2024)
  2. Download Blancco WinBuilder from your Management Portal: Management Portal (
  3. Follow the instructions from the manual Chapter 6 to create your Blancco Autopilot bootable USB stick: 

    Blancco Autopilot Detection

BMP Configure default Workflow to be used

Create your Workflow on Management Portal

  1. Create your Workflow with 'Autopilot Check' on BMP under Management > Workflows > 'Create workflow': Management Portal (
  2. Select product 'Drive Eraser' and at least version 7.11.0 or newer
  3. More information about the 'Autopilot Check' -node can be found in the user manual at chapter 5.2 Blancco Autopilot Detection

An example/demo Workflow can be found here. To import this navigate to Management > Workflows > 'Import workflow'Please contact to get your workflow file available into BMP your account.

Configure Blancco Drive Eraser

  1. From your BMP account - Download latest version of Drive Eraser Configuration Tool (DECT) and Blancco Drive Eraser

    v7.11+ (BDE): Management Portal (
  2. Install & open DECT
  3. Import a BDE .iso v7.11+ into DECT and modify as follows
  4. [Process] tab > Process = Workflow

  5. [Workflow] tab > in load workflow by name, write down your workflow name or  "DEMO - AUTOPILOT" (without the quotes) if using the example provided previously and save new ISO.iso
  6. Burn your ISO .iso on a different USB stick as Blancco Autopilot using Blancco USB Creator available here: Management Portal (
    1. Refer to USB Creator Quick Start Guide for more instructions.