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Running battery related hardware tests fails due to one of the error messages listed below or doesn't run at all to begin with.

If the battery is completely missing from Drive Eraser's hardware report and the tests cannot be started, it is likely not supported by existing drivers and cannot be tested. In this case the hardware tests dialog should state "hardware not available".

If the battery is being listed as part of the detected hardware possible errors are listed below:

  • Capacity test failed due to user defined threshold (Battery does not provide at least [USER_CONFIGURED_THRESHOLD]% of its design capacity)
  • Capacity test failed because of too low current voltage (Battery is providing less voltage than it was designed for)
  • Capacity test failed because no required values for calculation found (Battery doesn't provide data)
  • Capacity test failed because "voltage_now" reported as zero (Battery reports no voltage)
  • Capacity test failed because calculated capacity is too high (Battery reports an overcharge)
  • Discharge test interrupted because charger was attached (Charger reconnected before the end of the test)


If the battery to check is not listed in the hardware tests page or within the hardware report at all usually this indicates lack of drivers like mentioned before or non-standard implementation of battery details which prevents access to the needed data.

The latter is set by the battery manufacturer and some manufacturers may not follow the industry standards, which ends up in improper/non-standardized detection.


In case the battery is not providing enough data, reports no/too little voltage or overcharge there is nothing Blancco can do to fix it. The same applies in cases where the battery manufacturer is not following above mentioned standards.

Issues where the battery is not detected at all should be reported to Blancco Technical Support in order for us to confirm if support for given battery can be added.