Management Console 5.1.0 - Release notes


  • MC-5824 - Access Matrix Retrieval.
    • Allows retrieving role and user list from the console in CSV format.
  • MC-5823 - User List Retrieval.
    • Allows retrieving role and user list from the console.
  • MC-5787 - High Availability Support.
    • Supports multiple MCs to run against one database.
    • Customers will use one license container from multiple access points.
  • MC-5594 - IMEI filed to mobile device manual reports.
    • A new input for IMEI is created for manual mobile reports.
  • MC-5870 - Korean Localization Support.
    • UI provided in Korean.
  • MC-4036 - Report export request from UI.
    • Report views can be exported as API report export XML requests directly from UI.
  • MC-5518 - Report View of Created Reports.
    • Allows reports that are created manually in the Management Console to be visible both in pre-defined view and All report view.
  • MC-5592 - Report Archiving.
    • Configuration for archiving reports now available via UI.
    • Allows archiving old reports from MC database.

Bug Fixes:

  • MC-5885 - Summary CSV export does not pick up custom field values.
  • MC-5771 - User move is a little bit slow.
  • MC-5883 - Customer custom field not visible within view editor since 5.0.1 MC update.
  • MC-5822 - License history: unsorted users and groups.
    • Users and groups were not sorted in license history.
    • They should have been sorted alphabetically.
  • MC-5865 - Report by date doesn’t sort correctly.
    • Custom report not sorting correctly.
  • MC-5675 - Bootable Asset Report is written before report is being sent/saved if MC remote monitoring is on.