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All Mobile Diagnostic & Erasure versions


Blancco Mobile Diagnostic & Erasure erasure process immediately gets stuck in "Requires attention". Hovering the mouse over the "Requires attention", the tooltip says "In order to continue erasure, please perform manual factory reset". It occurs for all the Oppo and Realme devices regardless of the device models.


Factory reset is one of the mandatory steps to satisfy erasure standards supported by BMDE. Generally, BMDE host machine automatically starts a factory reset by sending commands to target devices, expecting all files and configurations to be deleted during a factory reset.

Blancco found has discovered that Oppo and Realme device leaves some information intact during a factory reset when it was started through commands while a manual factory reset clears them.

For a better security, we decided in July of 2021 to force a manual factory reset step. Now BMDE always asks users to start factory reset manually for Oppo and Realme devices.


Open [Settings] application on the smartphone, navigate to [Additional settings] > [Back up and reset] > [Factory data reset], and perform "Erase All Data" or "Erase All Content & Settings".

Then the "Requires attention" will disappear and erasure process will move forward.