Notice of Change - End of Life Announcement for Blancco Network Device Eraser (BNDE)

Blancco consistently review its product portfolio to meet and exceed customer demands around applicability, efficiency and technology innovation. This occasionally requires certain hardware and software to be decommissioned to allow for the highest levels of value for our customers.

Blancco hereby announces End of Life for Blancco Network Device Eraser (BNDE). This announcement marks the final milestone of the Blancco Product Lifecycle Management phase of the 2.X release family.

The dates and milestones detailed below are in accordance with the policies of Blancco Network Device Eraser at the time of the software release and are in accordance with stated Blancco Product Support Lifecycle Policy.

Products Impacted

The product numbers affected by this announcement are listed in Table 1 (below).

Table 1. Products affected by this announcement


Blancco Network Device Eraser (BNDE)

All versions (2.X)

The table below summarizes Blancco Network Device Eraser lifecycle management milestones as well as important information regarding dates and support options during this period.

Table 2. Release milestones and dates for version 2.X of Blancco Network Device Eraser

Notice of Change (NOC)

The date when Blancco announces the intent to initiate the End of Life (EOL) for a software release family. This announcement occurs a minimum of 24 months prior to the End-of-Maintenance (EOM) date. During the period between the NOC and the EOM date the software will continue to be supported.


General SupportThe date when provision of service releases, hotfixes, and security updates will end.


Extended SupportThe date when provision of security updates will end.


End of Maintenance (EOM)The date when email/phone support will no longer be available.


Self-SupportThe date when access to knowledge base articles will end.


End of Life (EOL) dateThe date when software images will be removed from the corresponding download site(s). Product information will be limited to the historical material available on or other online resources and will be subject to removal at a future date without further notice.


For More Information

For more information on the release milestones/dates and the Blancco Product Support Lifecyle Policy, see the Blancco Product Support Lifecycle Policy or contact your local Blancco representative.

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